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Button Sewer

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Button Sewer


Button Sewer, Single Needle, Single Thread, Chainstitch, Cylinder Bed, Button Sewing and Tacking MachinesWith: Vibrating Clamp, Single Pedal Operation, 8-16-32 Parallel Stitches, Two or Four Hole Button Sewing Operation

  • Vibrating clamp
  • Single pedal operation
  • Automatic clamp lift after sewing cycle
  • Stitch range – 8-16-32 parallel stitches – no cam changes
  • Change from 2 hole to 4 hole operation by lever at operators finger tips
  • Attachments easily installed
  • Interchangeable clamps for flat, shank, metal buttons, snap fasteners and label tacking


  • Designed to sew two and four hole buttons on light to medium material.
  • Suitable for sewing snap fasteners, shank, flat and metal buttons; hooks and eyes and label tacking with use of suitable attachments. Thread severed by automatic clamp lift upon completion of sewing cycle.
  • Has automatic scissor action thread trimmer with stationary and moving knife. Cutting action simultaneous with last stitch. Particularly suitable for use with heavy cotton and synthetic threads.

Additional Information:


Number of Needles 1 (Single)
Workspace Standard Workspace
Standard or Full Function Standard Functions
Speed, Max (S.P.M.) 1500
Stitch Type 101
Needle Bar Stroke 1 59/64″ (48mm)
Needle Used 175 x 7
Number of Stitches 8-16-32 parallel stitches
Looper B-372-213


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